August 06, 2005

Keywords anyone?

Keywords? In order to maximize adsense earnings you must know which keywords to use in your meta tags. The density of your keywords (how much each word appears in your site). It has been proven that the more right keywords you the more adsense will get the quality ads. Though recently more and more people are trying to cheat adsense by making websites especially made to earn adsense cash, which is against the adsense rules, you should stick to an interesting subject. Making a site about mortgage just because those companies pay big bucks for advertising doesn’t mean you'll get the money you want. For you see those people don't realize is that those companies are desperate for clicks because not many people are interested in those companies. They all go for the most know and biggest companies. Also that many sites have realized that the mortgage is a big business and have done everything to make them selves know therefore crushing any chances your site may have.

Keywords are many times abused by webmasters to get the acquired results. They may overload their websites with words to increase keyword density. But in the end it serves by making them get less traffic and losing the few they had.

Keywords are to be carefully used as they were meant you see it’s not all about how much you can earn its how much you can earn and keep earning. Adsense or google checks these to make sure they are relevant to your website. Keep that in mind.