August 11, 2005

It's all BS I tell you....

Now I don't mean to insult any great writers and entrepreneurs out there, but the simple truth most books adsense are all full of nothing but what google says.

I realized this after days of searching for the renowned cheats or tricks and all that. I’ll admit everything I've written about adsense comes or is a changed version of what google already told me.

I searched and searched but couldn't find anything that useful. Now after weeks of reading just about every book out there about adsense I got fed up with all that b.s. Then that's when I actually visited the google adsense help page. And boy was I surprised! I mean there was everything I've always wanted to know about adsense all the formats examples the different positions that work for most webmasters...I couldn't believe it all this time I've been searching all around and the truth was in my eyes the whole time. Everything I've read in those books all summarized and categorized. After just a day I had read through most of the FAQ and had just about increased my income… well to 100%. I admit I had nothing but 2 clicks in my adsense account. I've always wanted to get more, hence hearing all about the great google adsense. But like any tool you have to know how it works.

After a while I decided to help out any webmasters out there who may be like me. Searching and wasting time trying to find the "secrets".

Well I am sorry to say you've wasted time and nothing but. There are really three things you can do to better learn how to use adsense:

  1. Check out their help page this is the most important and first thing to do.
  2. Second remember no matter what the world is full of individuals and unique people. So if the suggested method doesn't seem to work try something else.
  3. And of course know this adsense is to a lot of webmasters a boss you know the one who pays the bills. But to another few (including me) consider it a hobby. We are the true webmasters because when we find something new we study it embrace it and essentially love it. Because anything that makes web mastering easier like automatically sensing your site and choosing appropriate ads. Anyways everyone seems to have tried to use adsense as a kind of a job. Changing your whole site because of it and all that. Well if you do remember NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is more important than your sweet dedicated visitors. Make them happy and interested and you are done, anything else you get out of it is just a bonus.

Well that's it I hope this has helped many of you who wanted a general view of adsense.


Rachel said...


I agree with you. I looked at loads of different ebooks on adsense and most are just full of hype and info you can get for free in other places. I have reviewed a number of ebooks at my site at and am always adding new reviews. Maybe is you have any short reviews you would be interested in posting them on my site also (with a link to your site of course!).


Spin said...

And what do you think about the book 'What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense'(web-site of this ebook is
The description looks promising...

j3ph said...

I too agree that everything you need to know about adsense is right there on their help page. Also, with a little trial and error, you can really find what works for your viewers and what doesn't.

I think alot of it depends on the type of content you provide as well as the demographics of your viewers. Like you said, it truly is all about them!