August 03, 2005

Advertising Your Website To Get More Traffic

The big moment everyone's been waiting for! In general most sites get their traffic from search engines, top sites, and of course for their content and design. A lot of people already know about search engines and directories but they tend to forget top sites. But I will talk about all them. To submit yourself to many search engines try using this automatic search engine submitter that submits to a lot of search engines for you and for free. their free service is excellent plus they only need your e-mail. And you can choose not receive any e-mails from them. For directories: is a nice start. Plus most directories are free to submit yourself so search and submit yourself to as much as you can. Top sites the forgotten by most webmasters method. These sites require you to put some kind of code into your website, to count the hits you get. Therefore the more hits you get the higher you get in their top sites. Making more of their visitors view your site. I have no help in this as top sites are always local s you can try goggling this one. Now the last and most important part of all, the traffic. Your content, it keeps the visitors coming back. Remember top sites, directories, and search engines can only get you a few targeted visitors so give them enough info on what they want and they'll keep coming back! They might even recommend your site to their friends. As always personal advertising is the best advertising as family members and friends may rely and believe in that person enough to spread the news about your site. Also never forget, for those of you willing to spend cash to get targeted visitors I advise you stay away from automatic and generated traffic. Instead use advertising your site through trusted methods. Like google adwords for example.


Nikolas said...

You have right about the targeted visitors programs. They are not good at all. Before two or three months I made an experiment and bought 10.000 visitors, and I used a doorpage script to check the 'quallity' of these visitors. The result was very very bad, as it seems that the 90% of these visitors haven't stay to the site enough to load the first page!

As for the Topsites you have right. I have a complex topsites site ( ) which sends a lot of traffic to other sites that are registered (up to 700 unique visitors for our top sites!) so it must be a considerble source of traffic for your site.