July 26, 2005

So you got into adsense?

Congratulations! If you didn't get in ,slim chance, don't give up keep trying and use more seo. So you got in huh? Well welcome to one of the fastest money making machines in the web. But first realize that adsense is a job. You can't just stop working and take a vacation and hope to earn money. Like many jobs it's an ongoing experience, you have to keep going at it until you get that big bonus right? Well like any job you have to study something for it. Which is the reason you may be reading this. First you must learn and I mean learn all about the features it offers and the advance mechanics you have to perform. Yes, I know it may be hard taking an online job serious but it's going to pay off. Of course google is willing to help you out once again in this. https://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/topic.py?topic=135 Back so soon? In all seriousness remember the goal, it will keep you going. After learning most about adsense also keep in mind that there are four important things about adsense:

  1. Position: Try out putting your ads in different places and see which ones pay the most.
  2. Content: Get as much pages as you can as much content as you can get articles are always good.
  3. SEO: Make sure google can spider your site without any problems since adsense spiders your site as well.
  4. Traffic: Always remember the people are what makes a site a site.
In the next articles I will focus on each of these things to help you out in your quest.


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