July 27, 2005

Position, position.

Like all advertising agencies you have to remember that postion is 25% of advertising. What that means to you is make sure your visitors see the ads. Positions that work good in most cases are the top or left ones. But then again each person is different so remember to try different positions as your targeted audience may respond to some better than others. Google has again a suggestion on where to put them. https://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/static.py?page=tips.html Keep in mind the best places are where your visitors will not see the ads as ads but as usefull links. So try to blend your ads in with your site. An example is this very site. Adsense makes that easy for you by letting you make your own color palettes. I'ev tried it myself and this has proven to be very usefull. But don't just try what I said and leave at that. Try different things see what makes more money for you. another intresting feature is the ability to choose different channels for your site. In this you can try to put your ads in different postions on different pages and track their performance individually. And of course never forget that different type of ads attract clicks differently. For example image ads and skyscrapper ads may appeal to some but not to others. If you want to try different ads on each page remember to compare them to traffic. FOr example if a kind of ad on a different page other than your index does poorly than the index it may be because it isn't getting as much traffic. Always compare clicks to traffic. Google of course knows this that is why in the reports there is a section called page ctr. It is the percentage of clicks compared to impressions. So use it accordingly.


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