July 24, 2005

First things first...

In this post I will discuss the why of getting into adsense. First you can apply from the main site https://www.google.com/adsense/ there you will find most stuff about adsense. But before you apply for one of your sites first let's show you why you should join adsense.

  1. First adsense provides targetted ads, that means your visitors will see only ads that are relevent to your site and to your ste only. Increase the chance that your visitors will find something that grrabs their attention and they click on those ads.
  2. Second adsense has perhaps thousands of advertisers just waiting to be adveritised!
  3. Third you can choose to blocks ads that you wouldn't any of your visitors seeing. Perhaps your competitors or inappropriate ads.
  4. Fourth after all what you are here for it's the moolah you've heard how many are making quick bucks with adsense.

But don't take my word for it.


Check it out yourself. Next Article: Requirements.