July 29, 2005

Content is king!

I've heard and use this sentence an uncountable number of times. No matter what kind of website your are running always remember content comes first. it keeps users comming back, it makes good food for the adsense bot. Always have a couple of articles that go with your website theme. Im not saying go out and collect all kinds of articles out there. No get ones that are relevant to your site. Ones that will attract visitors to read them. Or even better write them yourself discover the writer in yourself. Or if you already know you aren't the writer type get them from the many free ones from the internet. Here is just one of them to get you started: http://www.articlecity.com/ It has many different sections on a wide variety of subjects. In the adsense world relevancy is a high, keep that in mind. Next: seo.


Ntsike said...

Content is the reason people visit your site in the first place. It is what makes your web site popular to your visitors and why they return. How often do you frequent sites that either don’t have the content you do like or care about?

The same is true for other searchers, and the respective search engines job is to deliver highly relevant pages to searchers. Many sites are tired, outdated, worn out and of no practical use as a resource for the information searchers are looking for.

Added to all that noise, the misuse of metatags has caused many search engines to discount them entirely. This leave the CONTENT of your page to be the KING of the hill in delivering reliable search results that matches the words being searched upon.

You can use tricks to dupe visitors to your site, but once they get there you’ll only offend then or make them upset and they’ll quickly click away.

Search engines are becoming savvier and evaluating the entire page before delivering result their results, SERP. That again leaves your Content to be King. There are many ways to get content for your site. You can create it yourself, borrow it from others or buy it. Just remember to keep it fresh and targeted to your audience.

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