July 25, 2005

Requirements for getting into adsense

Most people wouldn't know what the adsense people look at to decide whether or not you may be allowed to join adsense. First of all you must have a full launched website, and I recommend many pages if you are to maximize your income. They also forbid any illegal materials on your site, many advertising agencies prohibit that. In all your site also needs to have some traffic. As the evaluation of your site may take days and in those days they check your traffic. Another thing you need to remember is that your content needs a solid theme. Not a high payig theme as many people just put up sites based on high paying keywords they see. You need to remember that you need trafic to get money from adsense. The list google has a an excellent starter for some: https://www.google.com/adsense/policies But don't just stop there. Research in ways to make your site better. Get as much seo (search engine optimization) as you can. Remember a lot of new traffic comes from search engines. Make your site clean don't oveload it with ads as that may get your application rejected.