December 17, 2007

Maybe Google-DoubleClick Won't Happen

When Google announced that they had acquired Doubleclick many supporters of Microsoft quickly switched the now apparent winner of the search engine giants war. But maybe they were a bit too hasty. Across the world governments are changeling this merger in order to block what they think would be a catastrophe. It's a called a monopoly and in the end it's bad for any country's economy. The 3.1 billion dollar deal is perhaps the biggest deal Google has conducted ever since it started acquiring companies.

The EU decided today to continue it's review of the deal and not let it through just yet. While in the US the proceeding have been going on for some time now. But each of them are focusing on different aspects of the deal .The US is focusing on privacy as Doubleclick has uncountable data on users and not just what pages they visit but what ads they click on. With this information combined with Google's advertising methods the Internet marketing field would be cornered by Google. This is the aspect that the EU is focusing on. Realizing that such a monopoly on the online market might not be good in the long term.

The roll call is not finished yet. Now Microsoft has thrown itself in the midst realizing that this deal could completely throw it out of the war, it's leading the lobbying for more review of the case in the EU and the US. Microsoft itself wanted the deal with Doubleclick but I guess Google was more willing to pour the cash. Now it's trying to stop this deal in order to make for the mistake of not buying Doubleclick before Google.

No one knows how long this whole thin is going to last but one thing is sure and that is the fact that Google made a good decision by acquiring Doubleclick now we have to wait and see what happens.