December 18, 2007

Google Adsense: The New Political Battle Field

For those of you who don't know the race for the next preside of the United States of America has already startled. Many candidates are already vying to win their party nominations. Among others Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is running for president. Now many people still have a problem with the Mormon belief and how it's going to affect his decisions if he is to become president.

He has sustained many attacks especially on the Mormon belief that before Jesus comes the Mormon religion will save the American Constitution from apparent disarray. This is what a new ad on Google Adsense is pointing a finger to. Not directly of course first it links to an anti-mormon website that points to a quote from a book they have that states that fact. Here's a picture of it:

Apparently the speech on his religion didn't matters none. Like he had hoped. But what is more troubling is how this is going to affect Google Adsense.

If this campaign against or for political candidates continues it may do more harm than good to many users who don't want anything to do with the political process. Especially sites based out of the US. Let's hope these new ads will use Google Adword's new feature to target ads geographically.Basically it's like being an advertising spot for someone or some rich candidate's fight with another one. Especially for political websites that tend to have their own views. Suddenly they have ads for democratic candidates while they are republicans.

We'll see where this goes if the campaigns keep moving online like they are this may present a problem. Especially compared to how online advertising is much cheaper than what political candidates usually advertise on.

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