October 07, 2006

What is Precharge Projectnet?

What is precharge projectnet? Yes there is the obvious that it's another one of those seo contests out there. But to some it's more; to the Internet it's life itself. For you see the goal of the precharge projectnet seo contest is to draw awareness to the new Internet crisis in which congress is planning on giving individual ISP (Internet Service Provider) companies control over what parts of the Internet their users can access. Meaning in a sense they'll be able to control and monitor what you do on the world wide web. And not to mention restrict access to pages THEY don't think you should view.

Sounds familiar? It should China has a system in place to make sure it's users can't access any websites that might condemn their government. But to us it's even worse, think about in terms of web competition. It's no secret that the triangle of power exists on the world wide web. Google, Microsoft, and yahoo all fighting to control traffic on the web. So imagine google going up to your ISP and paying them a certain amount of money to make sure their users, including you, will never see a Microsoft oriented website again. Of course you can switch but maybe your new ISP has been paid to not show anything relating to google or google itself. Imagine a world with no Amazon shopping or small Internet businesses. So where are you now? Stuck because the Internet is not yours anymore.

This is the problem the precharge projectnet seo contest wants to draw attention to, more awareness will create a better informed public in turn apply pressure to your representatives in congress to vote no and leave the Internet as is. That is why I am so proud to be participating in this precharge projectnet contest, because I know this will help the Internet for which many people so depend on. My entry to the precharge projectnet is located at: http://www.seocontestentry.com/ and I urge you to link to it as well as this article if you'd like to promote and raise awareness to this upcoming Internet congress vote.

But to tell you the truth I don't care about the contest that much what bothers me is the fact that if this law passes many people are going to be left in the darkness. The Internet is a great superhighway of information that has managed to reach great potentials in such a small amount of time it would be a great waste if this was thrown away by Congress. You may not agree with me on this but there is one thing to be sure of, we are all responsible if and when this law passes. Remember not doing anything to help is the same as saying you agree to what's going to happen.

Now I want you take hope in knowing that there are more caring users trying to fight this new proposed law. Information and how to contact your representative in congress can be found at precharge projectnet.

Thank You