October 22, 2006

Big Plans For All About Google Adsense

I am excited to finally announce to you guys the big plans I have for all about google adsense for a while now I've been planning on moving this whole blog to my own domain. Thanks to blogger beta messing up my rss feed and a lot of other background stuff I've also decide to move it to wordpress. Which I am more familiar with now.

Don't worry all the content will also be moved along with the blog. The sad news part is the fact that I won't be able to offer my pr 4 links like I usually do due in largely to the fact that I won't have the pagerank 4 on the new address.

I'd like to ask what you guys have to say about it so drop me a comment if you have an opinion as to where you want this blog to go. After all this is all for you and I wanted to get a little feedback before I moved everything.

You may have noticed the posts have been a little slow and that's because I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for the big move.

Your support is appreciated.

Thank You