September 04, 2006

How To Dig Google Adsense Gold: Part 1 of 15

Hear ye, hear ye after careful thinking and hours of sleepless nights, I've finally finished what may prove to be the biggest google adsense tutorial on the Internet itself. I am calling it How To Dig Google Adsense Gold, well can you dig it? It's so big I had to break it into 15 parts. But anything for my All About Google Adsense readers. Before we begin let me point out that Google Adsense isn't a game or a get rich quick scheme it's a legitimate business, so approach it as such. If you truly are serious about making money then buckle down and truly focus because if used right this could be your way to riches. Well then let's get this show on the road.

Experimenting With Channels

all about google adsense Channels are a the doorway to the google adsense cave that's filled with gold. Channel is a perfect name as they provide a way to know which way the money is. They can be used to record impressions, CTR, CPM, and earnings statistics for a certain box or even a page. It's up to you to use that information to make it earn you even more money. Also keep in mind that nothing is set in stone so if you think a color combination can do better in a different place other than the one your research provided then by all means try it out. Staying fluid is a necessity in life as well as google adsense.

Channels can be used in several ways from to finding out which places on your website are the money earners, which colors are the eye turners that seem to work with your particular website, and the third of course with format is best for your website. Those are the three things that once can use channels for, let's explore each:


Where you place an ad plays a major role in your earnings. Through experimenting with different places can one truly find which ones on your website visitors like to look at, therefore click your ad. This is where channels come in, you can keep track of the different of the positions by creating different channels for each. The all time favorite being above the fold (all the way on top of everything else) you can create a channel called "topbannerwebsite" the website part could be the site you are placing it on. You want to make the name of the channel as specific as you want, don't be afraid every character can be included in the name. Set a timetable of the certain channels and see which ones perform better than others. This should allow you to know where your users mostly look and pay attention to. It takes about a week to be sure a spot will continue to bring in the same results or even month if you have the time. Now that you know the place let's see which colors can make the place look even better.

Color Palettes

Let's play dress up with our google adsense ads and make them look spectacular. Now that you know the place let's use those ingenious channels to find out what really makes the user's eyes pop open trying to sneak a peek. Different colors can be changed via the color palette but don't forget to have a different channel for every different color combination. The name should be in a specific to the color let's say "topbanner-red-and-blue". If you want though you can further into it including the url's colors and all that just make sure you can read it and know which colors you meant. With the place and colors known you are that much closer to truly maximizing your income.

Ad Formats

Ad Formats refers to the size and the contents of a specific ad unit. This is crucial to any google adsense campaign as how big or what it looks like affect a user's stand point. Thankfully google adsense has a range of formats available that can keep you testing for eternity. From images to text to referrals the list keeps growing everyday it seems. But what you need to focus is on is the ones that are already proven to get you the mos earnings even google adsense admits that the 336x280 large rectangle,300x250 inline rectangle, and the 160x600 wide skyscraper. I suggest you start your research with those and broaden your ranges if the results are not satisfactory. The channel should be a specific one by now in the terms of "top-banner-urlblue-textblack-336x280" that should be a basic of what your next names should be. Combining all these three is the perfect method to maximize your google adsense earnings.

I know this seems like a lot of work but like I said money truly isn't a game unless you are in Las Vegas. To tell you the truth I myself take a month just to set the adsense blocks on any of my new sites. Everything has to be tried and measured to make sure it's the best as it gets. Remember what I said about these not being written in stone I suggest you get back at least a year and try it all over again so as to suit your audience even more. People do change and after any major change in your site either in traffic or look you should retrace your steps, but at least you have something to start with.

Thank You