September 17, 2006

Free Link To Your Website: Week #8

Every sunday I am going to offer a free backlinks post. In which the first 5 comments on that post will get a free backlink from this site. The comment should have the link and a brief description of the website. Since this page is PR4 this is a nice way for people to get their new websites crawled by google quiclky. The links will go in the left hand side of the site and will last for the coming week starting that Monday till the next Monday. No porn or warez sites please.Remember this will be every Sunday so don't worry if you are too late check back next week for another chance. So hurry and comment away before someone takes your spot.

From your good folks at All About Google Adsense also be sure to check out my new website precharge projectnet.

UPDATE:Sorry about the delay you guys but I was going through a hectic time the links are up now.

Thank You


Jaro said...

Hi, this is great for new blogs like mine! Its name is Jaroad ( and it's about making money online.

Anonymous said...

Here's my blog. I write about Apple stuff, movies, music, and various personal effects.


Anonymous said...

Wii Achieve - Come chat about the nintendo wii. Wii live and breathe the Wii!

ioDi said...

Name: Wired Zune
Description: Wired Zune offers the latest Microsoft Zune updates, a great community, and endless fun!

How long will this stay on for? I've got two more domains linking to this one, which I'm interested on getting listed. ;)

Esteban said...

Site: Lao Directory
Description: Lao Directory is a general directory where we try to create an useful source for users to search for what they are looking for using a directory.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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GrendelKhan{TSU} said...

Clan TSU - The Sniper Upstarts
Unreal Tournament and Gaming Community
Active discussions, hundreds of Arcade Games, Gamer WorldMap, Videos/Files/Music downloads, Item Shop, Chat, UT Server Stats, Contests and more... come join the fun at:
TSU - The Sniper Upstarts

Frag now!:

Anonymous said...

Pro2code - Professional coding at a cheap price.


mohamed salah said...

although i know i won't be linked but i had to say that you know what you do.
your posts in proves it.
thanx for all your posts there

Anonymous said...

wm8c said...

Nice idea :O)
WM8c's Ham Links
WM8C's Hob-Blog

Eric Andersen said...

The “Gurus” Are Up In Arms. The Forums Are Ablaze. The Blogs Are On Fire. And The Public Is Screaming For More!

The Wait Is Over.

Now You Can Download PART I: “The Death Of Adsense”

Hector said...

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