April 27, 2007

Can I modify my adsense code?

People often ask the adsense support if they're allowed to modify the Google Adsense code but the support clarified that this is not allowed. Some things that are often used by publishers, but not allowed by Google are: using the adsense code in a floating box script, using iframes for your ads, changing the ads format and giving the adsense search box a default value.


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Gary said...

I know some people do it, but you really shouldn't have any need to modify the AdSense code. You can customize themes to match your site content, and based on most research, there are limits to the customization you want to make anyway.

You're also really not supposed to include AdSense code in a software application, but I know of several such programs being used to generate AdSense sites with templates. You simply enter your publisher ID, and it's inserted in the code at the appropriate spot.

I really believe that the issue is actually doing anything to the code that will hinder Google's ability to display and track the ads properly. Google isn't the big, hairy monster that everyone thinks. They simply want to protect their interests. It only makes sense if you ask me.

- Gary

Sweet dream said...

I have mailed to adsense support about modifying adsense code for blogger ( Parsing javascript code for XML) , adsense support tell me that it is allowed but we can not change the way in which adsense appear in our site.

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Shanon Sandquist said...
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