January 23, 2007

Google Adsense Now Features Google Checkout

google adsense checkout

In a new development Google is featuring little Google Checkout icons on Google Adsense ads in what appears to be a test.

This is only happening to a limited number of websites and I have never personally seen them. But the ads seem to appear in from of products that are featured on Google Checkout.

The Google adsense blog is not telling us anything yet so this isn't an official feature so expect it not to be here to stay.

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Fuery said...

Where'd you go?

Lots of great content, then all of sudden, dead after late January?

Raman said...

Really a great effort by you. Very nice and informatic blog
Keep doing it.99% Bachelor

Rudi said...

are you a master (in adsense)?

I think so.
thanks for the informations